Gourmet & Relax

An experience at Hidalgo Suites has two key words: rest and pleasure. Surprise your partner with a short holiday of good food and relaxation.


Upgrade: as an alternative to the "Wagyū & Co" menu we offer our 5-course menu "Wagyū pur" where each dish is made from Wagyū meat. The highlight is the tasting of 3 different types of Wagyū: Japanese wagyū, original Kobe Beef and Wagyū from South Tyrol. On request, instead of the "tsuki" menu, we serve the "taiyo" menu with our exclusive Wagyū products prepared in Tuscany (Wagyū ham and salami, lard cream).

The upgrade package costs € 370 per person

The package includes the following services:

  • Afternoon wellness at the Hidalgo Balance Mini Spa
  • 5-course tasting menu at the Hidalgo Grill-Restaurant
  • 2 nights at Hidalgo Suites
  • Buffet breakfast at the restaurant
  • Day ticket to the Merano Thermal Baths with sauna
  • Wagyū "tsuki" 5-course menu in the new Wagyū Aomi restaurant. Mediterranean cuisine meets Japanese super meat. Each dish is based on Wagyū and Kobe Beef, the most precious and tender meat in the world. As a highlight, a tasting with 3 different types of beef: the original Kobe Beef from Japan, Wagyū from Alto Adige and a classic Ocean Beef beef fillet from New Zealand
From € 350 per person
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